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Midday Pause

Our Team's Reminder:

A Midday Prayer:

Creator God, I take this short, sacred pause; a moment to be still and acknowledge your presence during my day; a moment to recall the importance of me being a person of hope and speaking hopefully to people I meet this day.

I pause to remember that not one person is more important than any other; not one of us any less worth; that each of those I meet today has a divine origin and an eternal destiny; each is gifted and made in your image and likeness: that I need to remember that I am called to show love and compassion to all those I meet.


Lord help me to remember to:

Do all the good I can

By all the means I can,

In all the ways I can,

In all the places I can

At all the times I can,

To all the people I can

As long as ever I can.