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Kari Lindman, PhD

Kari Lindman, PhD

Cognitive Wellness Specialist

Kari Lindman, Ph.D., has been a valued member of Marshall Wealth Advisors since May 2020. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team, deeply rooted in her academic journey and passion for understanding the aging process of the human mind.

Dr. Lindman completed her undergraduate studies at Northwestern University. She then earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Fuller Graduate School of Psychology and went on to specialize in neuropsychology during a two-year postdoctoral Fellowship at UCLA. Prior to joining the MWA team, Dr. Lindman spent a decade in the medical field, serving as a neuropsychologist at one of the country's largest healthcare providers. During this time, she collaborated closely with referring physicians to diagnose patients with neurodegenerative diseases, even though there were often limited treatment options. This experience within the "medical disease model" of healthcare ultimately shaped her perspective and inspired her shift towards a preventative approach in Neuropsychology.

Today, Dr. Lindman offers her expertise to high-net-worth families through MWA, providing guidance that extends outside financial advice. She assists them in navigating the path to a better life, sharing strategies and habits that can help mitigate disease risks, maintain mental acuity, prevent cognitive decline, age-related diseases, and truly enjoy the later years. 

Outside of the office, Kari finds joy in CrossFit where she was globally ranked 32nd in her age group in 2023, sauna sessions, reading, playing pickleball, and cherishing quality time with her husband and three adult daughters.